SCRYPTA Adaptive Blockchain

Scrypta is a decentralized digital infrastructure that simplifies and makes more efficient managing, archiving and certification processes that feature the economic, productive and social sectors. Scrypta flexible system allows creating full architectures for unlimited projects and brand new use cases.

Defining Scrypta

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Infrastructure & Protocol Provider

Scrypta provides a cutting-edge Blockchain infrastructure suitable for building innovative and secure digital platforms.

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Application & Solution Provider

The Scrypta Team excels in implementing Blockchain technology applications for specific use cases.

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Middleware Provider

Scrypta provides its developers the required software and knowledge to build their own decentralized applications


Scrypta Blockchain

Developed on a MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) licensed open-source protocol, Scrypta is a blockchain infrastructure based on exchanges and transactions carried by its own Lyra digital currency. Scrypta operating system allows to perform timestamped data entry tasks in the blockchain, bringing endless possibilities and new use cases.


Scrypta Wallet

The Scrypta Client allows you to manage the Lyra digital currency in complete security. We strongly recommend to employ the official Scrypta Wallet featured with storage capabilities for your addresses private keys. Think of the Lyra Wallet as your bank account: take extra precautions with your passwords and make sure to run regular backups. Download the suitable Client for your operating system:

Mac Windows Linux Raspberry Pi4 Web
Android iOS

Task Force, Foundation & Scientific Advisory Board

Task Force, Foundation and Scientific Advisory Board partake in the development of the Scrypta project, with the common goal of promoting and experimenting new technological achievements based on the open-source language Scrypta.

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Scrypta dApp development

Scrypta has devised innovative interfacing techniques to the blockchain, allowing the development of dedicated applications using the most common programming languages.

Scrypta project decentralized nature makes it incentivizes the collaborations and contributions of developers who want to design practical solutions based on its architecture.

Developers Portal

Scrypta Use Cases

Digital Identity

Design and implement digital identity solutions based on Scrypta Blockchain to reduce costs and fraud and increase transparency and efficiency. Scrypta blockchain data are immutable and impossible to be modified fraudulently.

Supply chain traceability

Scrypta technological proposal allows both producers and their customers to initiate an innovative path of supply chain traceability.

Industrial IoT

Scrypta's Blockchain stands as a key application for the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things). It can be used to track and coordinate thousands of connected devices, allowing the processing of their data transactions.

Copyright and certifications

Thanks to Scrypta's blockchain an uploaded documents can be used as supporting evidence during legal diatribes, demonstrating unequivocally the ownership of a work or document.

Health and research

Scrypta blockchain technology can improve hospital facilities control procedures and operational functions. It can also bring significant efficiencies in securing document management and in scientific research data analysis.

Public administration

Scrypta architecture decentralized and distributed logic can radically change how citizens and Pa relate to each other, leading to more transparency, privacy, security and accessibility.